Does Weight Training Have Any Effects on Your Health?

Weight Training

Does Weight Training Have Any Effects on Your Health?

Weight training is a technique used to gain muscle mass and increase a person’s strength. It is also known as resistance or strength training, and it is known to have a significant impact on mental and physical health. Most people think that strength training is all about having bulging muscles and chiseled chests whilst this is not the case. Although vigorous training can yield similar results, a perfect balance of it can do a fantastic transformation on the body — for instance, increased body strength and magical body fat loss is expected.

Many bariatric physicians recommend that if one is hoping for better health, they should deeply consider the training. This is because studies have proven that weight training has endless benefits in cardiovascular, bone strength, and improves mental health. Dr. Brad Schoenfeld, an expert in the field, attests that people who practice resistance training have a fantastic body structure and mind transformation. “Once they start, their general health improves, and they are happier and stronger.” Says Dr. Schoenfeld. Other experts have chipped in over the years to state that weight training is not all about weight lifting and bulking up. It is more about improving the posture, sleeping better, boosting metabolism, and lowering body inflammation. Therefore, weight training has a positive effect on health and general well-being.

Human beings are meant to age, and as one ages, their bone density decreases, and the muscles need to be nourished and make them strong again. Also, at this age, one begins to lose body muscle mass by an average of 3 to 5% annually. In a similar study published in the Journal of Bone and Mineral Research, practicing resistance training for just 30 minutes twice a week improves the structural performance of the body and increases the lean body muscle. Dr. Stuart Phillips, a professor at McMaster University, also says that strength training can help stave off cardiovascular diseases such as angina. Therefore, if one is prone to such diseases, weight training may remedy the condition.

Research on the health benefits of weight training is still underway, but so far, there are no known harms in weight training. However, it is essential to consult a physician on any existing health conditions before engaging in the weight training program.

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