Eating Disorders of the Teenage Nation

Eating Disorders

Eating Disorders of the Teenage Nation

Eating disorders have become so rampant in the world, that nearly every teenager suffers a condition, and many would regard it as a phase of life that one has to pass through. While this may be true to some people, the rest find it hard to get back to their healthy eating behaviors and end up with bad physical and mental health. Such disorders include anorexia, bulimia, and binge-eating. In a study conducted by the South Carolina Department of Mental Health found that close to 8million individuals suffering from these disorders, and 90% make up for women.

Why are these numbers so high when the importance of eating healthily and staying on a nutritious diet is conveyed in any form of media? Well, most researchers have tried finding the cause of eating disorders, but the scientific data is not much. Eating disorders are said to be caused by multiple factors that play a significant role in the development of the disease. These factors may be biological, sociological, emotional, and environmental. Biological factors interest these scholars the most, stating that some individuals have precise mechanisms in their brains that make them more prone to having an eating disorder.

Through the findings and recommendations drawn from these studies, researchers have made efforts to find ways to prevent and treat it based on the factors. One essential form of treatment is eating a balanced nutritious diet. While helping patients with eating disorders stay on a nutritious diet, it can be tasking since most are picky or not hungry at all. However, research shows that taking a nutritional diet can go a long way in helping the patient stay happier and depression free. Also, it suggests that a nutritious diet has a connection to moods that makes one happier and healthier.

Moreover,  malnutrition is an adverse effect of eating disorders, which can be fatal, and a nutritional diet will eradicate malnutrition and help one restore their mental and physical health. Most patients with such disorders often resort to dietary supplements to remedy their health deficits due to a lack of proper medication. To date, only two drugs have been approved by the FDA to counter such eating disorders.

From these studies, it is evident that these disorders remain a problem in society, and eliminating them will take a long time. Staying on a nutritional diet can help in preventing such ailments due to the ‘food mood’ connection. If one feels happy and in love with body health, then it is less likely to have an eating disorder, and this can only be achieved through a nutritious diet.

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