Undisputed Tactics to Keep a Relationship Alive

Undisputed Tactics to Keep a Relationship Alive

The initial phase of any relationship can be quite surprising and at the same time, confusing. It starts flirty, and before you know it, it’s fun and exciting, then slowly transitioning to happy and comfortable. This is where it gets cold, as partners start wondering what next since they are not making out as before. That thought alone could be another subtle hint of how unhealthy the relationship is starting to shape. It is entirely reasonable and in fact, a common practice among lovers. The partners start thinking of the good times they used to have and flirt, and now all that is turning to another sweet memory. The thought of what slowed the relationship down can hit so hard, and in a while turn stressful, and for the boy child, it can turn to a serious medical condition rocked by erectile dysfunction and heart disease together with other disorders. The good news is, every relationship has hit that path, and it is normal, here are some tactics to keep that fire burning.

Jazz Things Up in the Relationship

In a relationship, one can never under look the power of adult fun, so spicing things up or what could be referred to as ‘jazz things up’ is a sure way to ignite that dimming light of love and emotion in a relationship. At first, things might seem new and strange, but picking up a niche to explore with one’s better half can rejuvenate fun and laughter, not to mention how pleasurable it can turn things into, or what did you think Stonemason and the tycoon’s wife were doing when the Titanic went down?

Go Beyond the Rules of the Relationship

Rules bind the relationships throughout the engagement, but the truth is that these rules make life look too formal and can freeze the mind and hardly have fun at all. So, breaking through these rules can be fun on its own. How many times have partners taken a meal on the bed, cut the rules, and tried this as a pair? Ooh, and have they considered playing with bubbles and bathtub markers in the bathroom? Bet not. However, life does not have to be chaotic every day, but one never knows what they have been missing until they find it.

Flirt More Often in a Relationship

It might sound awkward for one to flirt often with a partner they have been spending time with for some time. However, this is as easy as winking, and it can blow steam off a relationship without raising a single eyebrow! It encourages intimacy, togetherness, and is heart bonding on its own. With flirting, one can never tell what will happen next, not even at noon on a typical business day. A lover could be stuck on traffic, or even at work getting schtup on an office desk, the unpredictability of flirting makes life fun. Every lover should try it sometime!


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