What’s All the Fuss About Yoga?

Yoga is a form of meditation exercise that many people swear upon and has become prevalent over the last few years. In the US alone, close to 37 million individuals are practicing, and one would be amazed by the number of yoga studios and gear being sold at every corner of the street. This is a significant increase from 20 million individuals in recent years. While the numbers are so high, there are still mixed reviews regarding the practice of yoga. Some individuals love it and will choose this form of exercise over any other. However, there is still a percentage that disregards it and finds it hard to practice due to the bending of muscles in uncomfortable positions.

The Alliance of Yoga journal conducted a survey that consisted of 2000 participants in the public and 1700 practitioners to look at who practices yoga and what motivates them. Most participants affirmed that they began practicing over friends’ influence. About 34% of those participants confirmed that they would practice it for the next six months, which showed that they are aware of its benefits. Also, this survey showed that the word about yoga was spreading quickly, and the number of people practicing it was increasing by the day. In a new study, it emerged that 74% of women practice yoga intending to get a better day to day life. With the increased numbers, one would wonder what the fuss is all about.

Practicing yoga is said to have positive effects on mental and general health. Those who practice it say that it did wonders for them in terms of sleeping better, feeling relaxed, relieving stress, and being happy. In another survey conducted to find out the reasons why many people practice yoga, the results were differing and concluded that yoga had exceptional benefits to one’s health. In the survey, 56% practiced relieving stress, 61% for flexibility, 49% for general health, 44% for physical fitness, and 49% for overall health. In the survey,  86% of the yogis took part because it gave them mental clarity, and it formed part of meditation to them.

Conclusively, it is evident that yoga practice is not just for fun but that it has benefits to one’s body. While some individuals are still inclined to practicing yoga because it seems hard, most are aware that it is a suitable method of exercise that is calming and relaxing. The media is a reliable tool in practice, and more people are becoming aware of the training and its exceptional benefits. There are plenty of other forms of physical fitness methods to help maintain good health, but it is essential to respect what others choose.

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