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How the Corona Virus Forced Millennials to Make Money Online

Have you ever wanted to make money online at the comfort of your couch? Well, the covid-19 pandemic has forced everyone to seek alternatives from home. Whether you are just looking for a part-time hustle or just something to cushion your bills, the quest is up, and millennials have raised to the occasion. Unlike old days where traditional money-making ventures only allowed the legal aged folks to grab the opportunities. These days, the situation has drastically changed. Courtesy of the internet which has transformed the global map to a scalable marketplace.

In this post, we discuss the basics and what you need to jump in the black and start earning right away. You never know when today’s gig will transform into the main hustle. Come with me and let’s get you started.

  1. Start Blogging

Blogging comes in as a hobby, then you start monetizing what you write about. Then all over sudden, it blows up into a whole new career. By now, you are wondering, what do I write about? Well, think of it as a hobby, just for now. What stories? Which movies? What books do you read? What’s your hobbies during your free time? It could just be something you are passionate about, know about, or even better both. Then convert that into writing. Additionally, blogging itself covers a wide array of topics, and you can talk literally about anything and still make money online.

You may write about technology, home cooking, personal finance, health and fitness, self-improvement, pets, and so on. Then popularize your brand through friends, and social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn as you gradually invest in SEO & backlinks.

Even as you decide, the best way to set up a blogging platform is by building up a website. With the advancement of technology these days, coming up with a blog can take a day or so to set up one and start earning money online. It’s simple, but not easy, and with the valued support that we enjoy here at Articlewriters, we could help you establish one or hire a freelance developer from a marketplace.

  1. Become a Virtual Assistant

When you become VA, you are simply offering aid to others through online platforms. There are no specific tasks associated with the tag, as work is client-based, and different people venture into various trades. Some common Virtual assistant tasks include, Data entry, Typing, Editing, Data scraping…etc. However, before you start on the tasks, you may consider acquiring a few skills as no one becomes a VA overnight, at list planning to learn some skills would be a good start.

Word processing skills are a must, as most of the tasks will require typing and accuracy is highly valued. Excellent communication skills are a must-have as most of the functions involve report sending, preparing presentations, replying to customer queries, and managing emails. So, polishing upon these skills will get you going. The most interesting thing about this venture is that you can cut off the office set up and work from anywhere in the world. You could also join other digital nomad workers across the globe and make money online with ease.

  1. Make Money Online Filling Surveys

You can pull a decent revenue filling surveys online. Companies like Swagbucks will pay you to surf the internet, fill surveys, and watch videos for generous compensation online. This method is much popular amongst students since most of the tasks don’t require prior skills, and one can jump at them during their spare time. Depending on which company you decide to use, there are several checks one is required to comply with before they start working.

In fact, some will ask you to create a freelancer account with them and disclose a few other details as a way to filter the most appropriate tasks according to the information you provided. Even as you decide to join, you should consider conducting thorough research on individual companies before you sign up with any. Most of these survey companies pay from $0.5 to $5 per successfully complete survey with a set minimum withdrawal limit or non depending on their payment policies. As always, we did a search on the most popular platform and came up with these: Branded surveys, Opinion outpost, Toluna, Survey Junkie, and Inboxdollars.

As a precaution, while working online, you should avoid disclosing credit card information to anyone as the practice may put your money at risk should it land on the wrong hands.

  1. Paid to ‘Click’ Online

The modest of all, some websites will pay you to click adverts, and watch videos online and popularly known as PTC or Paid to Click sites. Before commencement, these companies such as ClixSense will require you to create an account with them before it is approved. Not all are legit, the internet is full of crooks, so precautionary measures should be put into consideration when making money online. Apart from clicks, you will also earn points that can be redeemed for cash and gift cards through their referral programs. Some of the best paid per click sites include Neobux and Buxp.

  1. Start a Dropshipping Business Online.

Unlike traditional businesses where you had to rent and stock your shop, dropshipping offers an entirely free and penniless startup. In such a business model, you don’t need any starting capital since holding physical inventory is not necessary. Further, what’s required is one to open an online shop, alternatively, create a free customized one with Shopify, then source for cheap products from big online merchants like Alibaba, Aliexpress, and list them on your store with a slight price difference. Hence, when a customer orders, one would contact their dropshipping wholesaler and have the item shipped directly to the customer without necessarily holding stock. That way, the drop shipper keeps the difference in profits.

The online money-making hacks listed here are just a tip of the iceberg as there are lots of other untapped avenues. However, the most important thing is to play by the rules. While persistency keeping good SEO and quality traffic practices as they are crucial for the success of each venture listed here. The second best time to start making money online is right now!


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