6 Essential SEO Marketing Basics You Must Know 2020

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6 Essential SEO Marketing Basics You Must Know 2020

Starting and running a business is easy, but attracting the right audience for your brand calls for understanding and strategy. It’s not always about the money per se, but knowing which SEO marketing strategy works best for your niche is vital. When you start sourcing for clients, you realize the broadness in the marketing mix, and how fast you can jump in black and build your brand quickly. Affiliate marketing, email marketing, online PR, Google Ads, are all marketing strategies housed within the marketing gallery. Although various client sourcing tactics work differently depending on the objectives. There are universal practices that cut across the board, and every PR team must know. In this post, we discuss the most effective marketing principles that will maximize your customer acquisition scope.

1. Create a company website

Communication between your company and the outside world is vital. So, creating a website not only acts as the liaison interface but also a scorecard to boosts your online presence. Social platforms dominate the digital economy in today’s online SEO marketing efforts. However, a business website still remains the best chance to present your brand to the world.

A lot of efforts go into a company’s online presence, that’s for sure. Although creating your website may be satisfying, continually updating it with relevant content remains a priority. Google loves these updates, and your brand starts to develop a cordial relationship with the search engines. For starters, you don’t require a complex website with CMS and a  giant database, even a blog for small businesses is adequate to cut an edge.

2. Publish High-Quality SEO Friendly Content

You’ve probably heard it told that ‘content is king’. Well, not just any content! A rather common mistake with online marketing is going low on the quality of content brands publish during their marketing campaigns. You must employ modern organic keyword strategies in blog posts to aid your brand to navigate through the crowded online marketing scene.

In fact, in recent history, publishing high-quality SEO friendly content has emerged to be sustainable. unlike traditional online marketing practices like Tv and radio commercials.

Consequently, brands should now shift their focus to modern marketing practices and understand that more robust methods are readily available in the online SEO marketing space. Therefore, positioning yourself to be easily found by consumers is the new norm. Rather than taking your brand to potential clients, publishing quality content, entertaining, and informative is essential. It is of value to the reader and enables them to find you by searching through. Ideally, embracing the art of quality content is the root of success in the online marketing game. No one sets up for digital marketing without a plan, so consider quality content as the base for search engine optimization.

3. Online Digital Marketing Must Be Resolute

By now you understand the variance in the digital marketing mix; Such as email marketing, social media marketing, Google Ads… It may sound like a cool idea to throw in a full tier of all the strategies under one marketing campaign. However, that’s a dangerous approach altogether in the outreach mission. We understand the urge to have a marketing campaign combo whereby the set budget is distributed maximally, then dedicated towards each marketing channel. But, often such practices lead to resource squandering without necessarily achieving the set objectives.

An ideal approach is to have a marketing plan, set objectives and choose the appropriate marketing channel at a time per campaign. That way, you can monitor the progress on the targeted scope, rather than distributing content which may run into problems. Such include the possibility of distributing contradictory content, and worse spreading a duplicated version.

4. Know Your Target Market Segment

Unlike traditional brick and motor business model where customers come by their own accord. Online marketing owes its success to a targeted customer segmentation alias “Niche marketing“. In both cases, Customers have to be wooed, and utmost care directed their way. However, in digital marketing, knowing your targeted customers will enable you to present relevant information to your prospects.

With that in mind, an online marketer will know which adverts best suit what audience, when to present it, and how to make it more appealing. The idea is to position yourself in front of potential customers. At the same time, portray the best version of your brand. This is not to rule out any existing marketing strategies out there. Nevertheless, niche marketing works better in conjunction with SEO marketing to squeeze out the most from your customer acquisition process.

5. Employ Expertise in All online Marketing Efforts

Email marketing, Link building and social media outreach don’t just pop up by themselves. A lot of planning and strategizing goes into the venture. As a brand, you want to see the value of your money invested in marketing campaigns. So, in that regard, returns on investment ‘ROI’, is a significant marketing principal towards the success of your business and it should never be overlooked. Funds invested in digital marketing should not surpass the benefits of advertising in the fast place.

Hence the reason why internet marketers use smart tools like Google Analytics to measure the metrics of success per marketing campaign. Apart from SEO content marketing, there are also other paid marketing techniques like google ads which use in-depth algorithms to monitor the conversion rate versus the money invested. The purpose here is to make sure your company is more profitable. So, you should never lose sight of ROI at all times. Although not all campaigns will be as successful, you should also pay attention to the probable scatter loss that comes with online marketing.

Take away points

There are hundreds of marketing techniques available today, and these are just the commonly used ones. So, this is about understanding your market segment well. Now that you know SEO marketing is the key to your business success. Analyzing the needs of your audience, clients, and potential customers should act as a guide to wire your business for success. Your targets will need certain valuable information and services. By understanding their needs, you will be able to position yourself strategically to rip big. Remember, ‘content is still king’, and nothing beats the competitions than quality published content when it comes to effective SEO marketing.


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